Video and Trust

We have discussed before the importance of content marketing, and by now, almost everyone who follows our blog knows that content marketing is still one of the most powerful tools that we have to make our company relevant and get more customers as a result.

It is very important, especially for small businesses to have a blog, but why? Well, today is more about how consumers feel about your products and your company than all the wonderful things that you can tell them about it yourself. After all, we all know that there are a lot of scammers waiting for us to literally click the bait. So, unless you are a little naïve and think that everyone is telling absolute truths online, you probably do some research and ask around before you even think about buying from a store that you have never heard of. This is particularly relevant for online businesses.

So, if nobody knows you, are you doomed to fail – even if you buy online ads? No, this is where the new wave of customers comes to your rescue. You do your part to make that happen. You must build trust.

Trust is one of the most important things for any online business that wants to succeed. It’s easy with content marketing (and delivering what you promise, of course). And today I want to talk to you about a tool that can boost your customer’s trust, online video.

At Twelve12, we get to do all sorts of videos, including corporate videos, YouTube videos, personal videos, you name it, but our video production in Orange County is big on videos specially made for social media purposes.

So think about this: you have an interest in, let’s say, home improvement, and after checking some online videos, you keep on watching videos produced mainly by a certain store. They show you how to use products, how to do things yourself, how to use tools, take measures, etc. And with great outcomes by following their instructions, after a while, whenever you need to buy supplies for your projects, it is more likely that you will choose their products based on their evaluations and that you have seen them work. Instead of looking around, it is also more likely that you will buy from them than any other store. These types of decisions are usually based on trust, and if on top of that they have good prices and you get to ask questions answered by an expert, you are probably going to look no further.

So, in a broad sense, this is how content marketing works and how, if you add a video, you would be able to generate customers without even paying for a single ad. And don’t forget that those happy customers will also share your videos with their friends and family.

Don’t waste any more time: start making your content marketing awesome with the help of Twelve12!  Give us a call today and find out more about video production in Orange County.  

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