Video and Your Company

“An image is worth a thousand words”: this is not a random expression. We need constant stimuli to achieve our full potential. And in today’s world, which better way to communicate than through video, which also extends its arms and reaches into the business world.

If we had to write down all the information that we receive on a daily basis, we would end up exhausted. And let’s face it, technology has taken over almost every aspect of our lives and it is almost impossible to conceive of a life without high speed connection and social media networks.

Like it or not, business owners must acknowledge that the world is changing and we must find more effective ways to sell our products and put ourselves on the map. Video is a much more engaging way of reaching customers than printed media, as the curiosity of our mind will make us turn our head and watch a video over any other form of information and not just that, it also makes a more lasting impression on the viewer than any other form of communication.

And there are so many uses for this amazing tool! At twelve12, we undertake video productions for almost anything, like commercials, branding videos, training presentations, infomercials, company showcase videos and many more. Premium quality videos will help you achieve your business goals and our Hollywood standard video productions will make your company look good, professional and creative.

You might think that video production in Orange County is only for big companies. Think again; nowadays we have so many competitors that we all need to stand out and deliver our own message to our target audience. Almost every business has stepped into social media and video platforms, and surely you understand that the tendency of using these tools and you need to step ahead of your competitors and drive all the traffic that you can towards your online content. And a great feature about this is that you don’t have to wait anymore to see the results, as every visitor can be turned into a buyer and sometimes an effective spokesman for your business and products.

Give us a call today to find out more on Video Production in Orange County; at Twelve12 we’ll take care of your every need at very affordable prices.


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