Does Traditional Marketing Still Matter??

Does traditional marketing still matter in a world with digital marketing? Small companies, especially those with a very limited budget, may be tempted to engage in marketing activities without giving it too much thought, just because they keep hearing the same thing over and over again. Online marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, SEO. Let me…

Online and Traditional Marketing Strategies

As we have said in previous articles, digital marketing is not the “new” marketing and it is also not part of traditional marketing either, so we need to understand the way that we are trying to do business so we can succeed in our strategies and goals and adjust our designs accordingly.

Traditional Marketing Is Not The Same As Old Marketing

Everybody is excited about digital marketing, and it is true that we have a whole new universe with the development of new ways to reach our customers and potential clients, including social media, video platforms, blogs, etc. Does this mean that we should eliminate traditional marketing from our marketing strategies and marketing budgets? Absolutely not!…