Your Brand’s Reach: Social Media and Beyond

When it comes to evaluating your marketing efforts on social media, one of the most fundamental metrics is your brand’s reach. Reach, to put it simply, is the amount of people exposed to your content. Reach is a relatively new thing. That’s because it’s only become possible to measure with accuracy on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and most noticeably, Facebook. Whether you’re putting out an ad or promotion or working with a team that does video production in Orange County to put out organic content for your brand.

Why You Need Social Media Management

You can’t wait to do online business through social media? After all, how difficult can it be to introduce your business to the social media world, opening some accounts and registering your business, and you are set to go, right? I am sorry to be the one that burst in your digital dream bubble, but no, it is not as easy as it sounds.

Some people’s lives have been ruined through social media by one or two bully teens, so what do you think can happen to your business if you come across some angry customers or trolls recruited by your competitors?

A Piece of the Social Media Pie

It’s an online frenzy: everyone, from that little store on the corner and all the way up to the big companies, wants a piece of that juicy fruit called online marketing. Everybody has interacted with social media, even through friends or family. Who hasn’t watched a video or shared a picture online? Some of the…

How Social Media has Changed Branding

So what’s the big hype with social media? What exactly is it anyway? Social Media is the medium of websites and applications that enable users to create and share content and participate in social networking, for instance, like Facebook and Twitter. Social media is actually one of the top reasons why people go online. What…