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It would be great if we could find an infallible formula to guarantee the success of our companies, but unfortunately there is no such thing, and what works for some companies may not work for others. What we can do is analyze different scenarios and compare what similar businesses have done to achieve their goals and look for patterns that we can apply. It is fair to say that we can find some constants within the companies that have been able to reach a high level of acceptance and kept it through the years. Let’s find out some more about this from the Orange County branding point of view.

What is a Brand?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of a brand? Is it just a name? Is it a logo? Maybe a combination of colors? If you are trying to find out a definition for “brand” to build one for your company you will only get frustrated and discouraged. No need to worry about Orange County branding; at Twelve12, we understand that a brand is more than just a few words or a creative design. These sure bring attention to it, but it is a lot more than pretty colors and clever slogans.

Digital marketing and branding

The buying decision is a very complex process; many companies and small business owners don’t pay too much attention to this when it is actually one of the key factors for any business, no matter what size. Consumers are complicated and they are not easy to understand. We live in a digital era and this makes the situation even harder; we cannot use the same marketing strategies that we used some years ago.

Digital Marketing planning – Part 5

In the last article we looked into tactics and why they are one of the most important parts of the digital marketing plan. After gathering all the information about the market, competitors and clients, we started planning the marketing mix for our digital master plan. At Twelve12, we understand how valuable and important all the information and the results derived from our past analyses is. If you find yourself to be lost, set an appointment with one of the Marketing companies in Orange County. Twelve12, experts will be glad to guide you through your planning process and needs.