What is a Brand?

Have you ever thought about the meaning of a brand? Is it just a name? Is it a logo? Maybe a combination of colors? If you are trying to find out a definition for “brand” to build one for your company you will only get frustrated and discouraged. No need to worry about Orange County branding; at Twelve12, we understand that a brand is more than just a few words or a creative design. These sure bring attention to it, but it is a lot more than pretty colors and clever slogans.

Let me explain through your own experience. Think about getting a pizza, your brain probably popped a name right away, you already know the place that sells your favorite pizza, you surely even have the phone number somewhere and if you don’t, you know exactly where to look for it. What makes you think about a specific name? Is it the color of the box? Maybe the name is catchy? The flavor? I am sure that you can find many pizza places in your area that have the same colors, similar names, even better product quality so, what makes you think about this specific place?

It is actually a very simple answer: the combination of variables are just perfect for you (or almost) every part of the brand plays an important role when you are developing a brand. Would you have tried their product if the pictures looked nasty or if the place looks like anything but a restaurant? And you can do the same exercise for almost anything, business hotels, banks, movie theatres, supermarkets, any product that you buy, you name it.

The bottom line is that a brand is a combination of many things, looks, availability, price, customer service, reputation, quality, etc. As customers, we rate brands depending on our experience and we refuse to buy products from a brand that has disappointed us in the past, even if they offer an incredible new product at an amazing price. The whole customer experience starts at the moment that you start your operations, everything counts and of course you need to fit all of it in a tempting package.

When you decide to build up your brand, give us a call, at Twelve12 and we will take care of your Orange County branding needs.

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