Digital Marketing planning – Part 5

In the last article we looked into tactics and why they are one of the most important parts of the digital marketing plan. After gathering all the information about the market, competitors and clients, we started planning the marketing mix for our digital master plan. At Twelve12, we understand how valuable and important all the information and the results derived from our past analyses is. If you find yourself to be lost, set an appointment with one of the Marketing companies in Orange County. Twelve12, experts will be glad to guide you through your planning process and needs.

This step is about what we need to make our tactics work. Our marketing mix included the people, process, positioning, promotion, place, price and performance. At this point we should already have a plan for each one or for the components that we consider important to address. Now is the time to develop a layout for each strategy.

We need to work every detail of the strategy, what is the tactic for, what is the outcome that we expect from it and how are we going to achieve this goal. Let’s say that we want to increase our position in the market, this is our strategy, now we need to do a layout for this strategy.

First, we need to have detailed information about this. It should include what type of positioning we are looking for. Do we want to increase the positioning of a specific product or a line of products? There are other areas like positioning a specific brand of products or the brand as a company. We can also develop a competitive pricing strategy or a competitive positioning strategy.  You can develop several strategies or just one and they can be as broad or narrow as you want. The main goal is that you develop the strategy as effective as you can. You need to keep your goals in mind at all times, this way they will be effective and result oriented.

As you can see, there are many choices, so in order to explain a layout, let’s select a brand positioning strategy.

Details: you should include the top brands and the information regarding the SWOT analysis for each as brands. Orange County branding experts say that this information is critical in order to develop an effective plan. We need to include also information about our own ranks and the company that is just ahead of us. There is no point in trying to fight the biggest brands if you are hardly recognized. Small but calculated efforts are better than big and ineffective ones. You also need to appoint a leader for the project, a person that will be responsible for the outcome of the strategy. The strategy layout must have a structured plan for each stage of the project, processes and controls. Is it going to be executed by a Branding agency in Los Angeles or is it our own staff the one that will have to work this out?

If you are not sure where to go from here, it is time to find a good Branding Orange County expert agency, such as Twelve12, that can help you to achieve your goals.

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