Improving your business with fresh marketing methods

We are all still struggling with the “new” normal. Even with the latest health developments, we are not out of the woods yet, and the truth is that we can only speculate how long will it take to go back to our lives without any type of restriction. But life goes on and so does business! We can’t just sit back and wait for it to pass, we need to act now and stay ahead of the game if we want our business to survive.  This is why we at Twelve12 (one of the top marketing firms in Orange County) want to talk about what struggling businesses can do to improve with some insights and fresh marketing methods .

Marketing 101 – The Benefits of Diversification

No one can say for sure when we may return to a relatively normal state of business. Some experts speculate that by mid-2021 we could be seeing a rebound in the economy; however, some others assert that this will not improve until well into 2022. That is why Twelve12  would like to talk a little about some options of Diversification for entrepreneurs from the perspective of marketing companies in Orange County.

Marketing & Customer Satisfaction

In an article published by McKinsey, they commented on the problems that companies face concerning the measurement of customer satisfaction or CX. As one of the Top Marketing Firms in Orange County, at Twelve12, we want to tell you about this subject today for two reasons; the first is that it is very complicated for a small business to have access to the proper measurements of customer satisfaction, and secondly, because we are now standing on a very slippery ground regarding this issue.

Marketing your business

Marketing your Business: it’s time to step up and go online

Have you been stalling to take your business marketing online for a long time, and now you are feeling the pressure? At Twelve12, we are trying to help all of our clients to get ready and to make their online business happen. We understand that it can be a scary time for you, especially if you are not sure about where to start, and this is why we’ve put together this small guide to Marketing you Business.


Improve your Brand with the Right Marketing

Everybody is worried about health concerns right now, but small business owners, freelancers and entrepreneurs don’t have a big fat bank account waiting for the health crisis to pass. At Twelve12, we believe that it is our duty as a top marketing firm in Orange County to help in any way possible to enable our friends and clients to survive and get back on track quickly.

It is not news that the economy is suffering right now, but there are things that you can do to help jump-start the whole thing without risking your livelihood.

Keeping Business Open and Help Your Community During COVID-19

All over the world, people have been experiencing the devastating effects of the pandemic that is affecting health and economies everywhere. This is not a time to sit and wait to see what happens to your business; you should take control and start developing a crisis plan to face the new set of obstacles. This is not only about personal gain anymore; this will also have an impact on everyone else around you, and if you can manage to help someone you know, please do so.

Why You Should Not Do Your Own Marketing

Should you do your own marketing? Many people share the idea that marketing only includes two tasks: advertise and sell. Moreover, in many ways, a lot of entrepreneurs believe that the marketing department spends a lot of time making pretty ads at the most expensive cost, and spending a lot of company resources. Inquiring of a majority of CEO’s, the most likely answer is that marketing plays a major role in any company, but most of them fail to define such importance beyond sales and profit.