Why You Should Not Do Your Own Marketing

Should you do your own marketing? Many people share the idea that marketing only includes two tasks: advertise and sell. Moreover, in many ways, a lot of entrepreneurs believe that the marketing department spends a lot of time making pretty ads at the most expensive cost, and spending a lot of company resources. Inquiring of a majority of CEO’s, the most likely answer is that marketing plays a major role in any company, but most of them fail to define such importance beyond sales and profit.

At Twelve12 we want to share with you more information about what makes the difference between outsourcing to a marketing agency in Orange County or doing it yourself – without knowing what appeals to your customers and drives them to purchase your products.

Especially in small businesses, a good number of entrepreneurs try to get what they call “free marketing” which is nothing more than free ads or promotions; lately, with the rise of social networks and their apparent permanence in our lives, it seems pointless to pay someone to develop an ad with so many available tools.

In some ways, the previous train of thought is correct, if you do not take into account all the activities and planning that happens behind a marketing campaign. If the business in question is only limited to a small local market, with clients mostly within the circle of friends and acquaintances, the best path is to increase your personal circle. This is not a great strategy, however, and most of these types of businesses, whose growth objectives do not go beyond a small geographical area, tend to disappear over time, especially when the local market experiences any problems which affect all those who consume goods and generate financial resources in the same market.

This usually happens after a period of time where, although the entrepreneur has realized that sales have begun to fall, he or she will try to do the same things to overcome the situation over and over again without any significant results, and hence gives up.

These results are due to two fundamental causes: poor business planning and a marketing program based on the entrepreneur’s point of view rather than on data and relevant information about the consumer who ultimately pays for the product and keeps the business alive.

To find out more about truly effective marketing, you can always approach a marketing agency in Orange County. At Twelve12, we have several options for your business at affordable prices.

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