Which Marketing Agency is the Best Fit for You?

Have you experienced any of these issues when it comes to marketing your business?

“I spent a good amount of money on my website and a logo, but I haven’t seen any tangible results so far.”

“Online business is not a good option.”

“I tried doing business online and I ended up with less money than before.”

These are just a few of many online comments that we have encountered over the years on several other websites and forums. The question is “is it true what they say?” or have they just not found the right marketing agency?

Marketing Ideas During an Economic Crisis

The world is presenting us with a new configuration and the way we used to do things has been taken from us so fast, we haven’t even been able to process what is going on. We have seen many companies close their doors to the public, unable to keep the people who work with them. You may feel that you may end up closing yours forever too, so what Marketing ideas can help?

Select a Marketer or a Marketing Agency?

Some companies struggle with the decision of hiring a marketing agency or hiring a marketer for their company; both have advantages and disadvantages. At Twelve12, we want to help you understand the importance of making the right choice for your business and get the results that you are trying to achieve by outsourcing the services of a local agency, such as a marketing agency in Orange County, a national marketing agency, an international marketing agency or just a marketer for your company.

Full Experience Marketing

It´s an exciting time for those of us who work in the marketing industry, as tools that were just a dream or that we could only see in science fiction movies are catching up, and we are here to witness all of it. It is a great thing not only for marketers; it is good…