Full Experience Marketing

It´s an exciting time for those of us who work in the marketing industry, as tools that were just a dream or that we could only see in science fiction movies are catching up, and we are here to witness all of it. It is a great thing not only for marketers; it is good news for companies too, and the ability to communicate and stimulate loyal customers and potential buyers is huge.

There are some trends that will shape marketing efforts for next year and I’m confident to say that we haven’t seen half of it.  If you visit Twelve12 you will be able to see what a superior Marketing Agency in Orange County can do for your business.

A great tool that a Marketing Agency and consumers have been waiting for is the total immersion experience. If you have no idea of what I’m talking about, let me tell you about some of the components that are a part of this experience.

Scent marketing: if you are not familiar with this term, close your eyes and imagine the delicious smell of your favorite cookies; the ocean scent mixed with coconut and pineapple smells from an exotic destination; the smell of popcorn from the movie theatre; and even sensual perfumes that remind you of your loved one. Well, you can buy these and use them to promote your business. They have been around for a while now.

Virtual reality: yes, those odd looking gadgets where you can experience a 360° experience and can be purchased at a very low cost now with several apps and games to play with them. For augmented reality we also have some other tools that are not quite ready yet or that are too expensive to include at the moment, such as reality gloves and virtual reality seats or cabins, but I’m pretty sure that we will get them in our homes at some point within the next 5 to 10 years.

You must be wondering, how can all this help you and your company? Well, just think about the possibilities; if soda advertising can make you crave a cold drink, how will it be if you can actually smell and experience the right combination of sensory factors that will make you “kill” to get any product? If you have a travel agency and you want to give your travelers a small taste of the experience of visiting a place, or even if you want to show someone how good a car is built with the smells and details that you can’t possibly show them unless they visit the factory where the car is made -the possibilities are endless.

At Twelve12 we have all the current tricks and we go even beyond reality to make your dreams come true.  When you think about a Marketing Agency in Orange County, think about Twelve12 as your best bet and give us a call and step with us into the future.

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