Good Branding to Help Your Company Grow

Good branding is the holy grail of companies, or it should be. When a potential customer recognizes a brand and it generates a feeling of familiarity and confers confidence, half of the sales work is done, and the rest is basically delivering a message to the potential buyer that should be attractive enough to help…

Explaining The True Meaning Of Branding

I was talking to some people a few days ago, and I realized how difficult it was for almost all of them to try to explain what branding means. The overall consensus was that branding is when a company has a distinctive identity and you can recognize it. At Twelve12, we get a lot of…

Receiving Praise on Clutch’s platform!

Since we were founded our goal has always been to do branding and digital marketing that will enable our clients to grow. We practically do every digital service under the sun, but above all, strive to be the best, most complete solution for branding in Orange County.