Receiving Praise on Clutch’s platform!

Since we were founded our goal has always been to do branding and digital marketing that will enable our clients to grow. We practically do every digital service under the sun, but above all, strive to be the best, most complete solution for branding in Orange County.

We always want to do the best work for our clients, and to allow us a deeper look at feedback for our work and to expand our market presence, we have partnered with Clutch.co, an independent rating and reviews firm based in Washington, DC.

Clutch’s research found that 62% of business decision makers rely on online reviews before deciding whether to work with a b2b service company.

That’s why we saw value in joining the platform and allowing them to collect client testimonial reviews for Twelve12.

After being on Clutch for about a month we have received two reviews already. Both of these reviews are five stars and give great accolades for the work we have done. These are not dinky reviews that simply state “They did a good job.” Rather, Clutch asks our clients questions about the project management, technologies we used, and how communication took place. It’s really the best way to learn what it’s like to work with Twelve12, and it’s helped us better see what our clients think about us. One of our reviews clocked in at over 600 words long!  

So what are the clients saying? One client really summed up the results they got by working with us. They said, adding that perhaps,

“We are successful because I listened to them.”

This client went on to say,

“They’re like part of the company. I don’t have an internal marketing team because they do such a good job.”

In addition to the great reviews that we’ve begun receiving on Clutch, we are excited to announce that Clutch just released its list of the Top B2B companies in California for 2018. This list included Twleve12 because of our position on their top Branding Companies in Orange County directory. Out of almost 100 firms we are listed as number four! We’re certain that our standing will rise as reviews keep coming in. We are proud that after only being on Clutch for a short period of time we have already made an impact.

Also worth noting is Clutch’s sister website the Manifest. The Manifest recently posted a list of the top 40+ Branding Agencies in 2018. This list was compiled from branding agencies all over the country and we are excited to be listed. We know how competitive it is here in Orange County, but now we are breaking into the national level. Forbes talked about why it is important to brand your business and we’re extremely enthusiastic about helping businesses large and small do so! We are excited to be a part of an industry that is growing and extremely important for businesses. We are always dedicated to delivering success in branding and beyond. If you’re looking for better branding in Orange County, contact us today for any inquiries.

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