Good Branding to Help Your Company Grow

Good branding is the holy grail of companies, or it should be. When a potential customer recognizes a brand and it generates a feeling of familiarity and confers confidence, half of the sales work is done, and the rest is basically delivering a message to the potential buyer that should be attractive enough to help the customer decide to purchase your product or service over other brands that have similar offers.

At Twelve12 we have already addressed specific techniques and details about branding, so you are welcome to review our past blogs where we previously discussed different aspects in relation to branding in Orange County and that might be of interest to you.

Today we would like to talk a little more about branding in general and what it can do for your brand or business.

Branding is not a sales promotion, and yet good branding will result in a large number of them. Especially now that the contact and relationship between a customer and a company have become more specialized. A few decades ago, the goal of marketing was to present the product to the customer to purchase. As this concept evolved, we moved away from focusing on the qualities of a product or service and turned our eyes to meet the needs of the consumer. Further in time and with greater volume and access to information, marketing was transformed to not only meet the needs of the consumer, but to include the customer as a priority for the company, resulting in companies that are more aware of the environment and certain practices such as the use of animals for product testing, organic ingredients, vegan options, better nutritional components, etc. Currently, we are adding to this mix the digital behavior of the potential customer and thus offer not only a product or service but a whole shopping experience and we try to make it as unique as we can.

The only way to convey a whole shopping experience for a market segment is through branding, where, beyond a purely business relationship, the customer feels backed and supported by a company that matches not only their needs, but that also aligns its practices with their values, ideas and way of life.

If you need more information about branding in Orange County, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we will help your company grow and develop remarkable experiences for your customers.

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