The advantage of using social media platforms for your company

Social Platforms

Social media platforms can be a great advantage for businesses as they provide a real opportunity for brands to engage more intimately with their customers and to use this as a means of brand development and growth. Regardless of whether the audience are avid users of this type of media or only use it sporadically, the force it has gained in the business world is undeniable. That is why Twelve12 wants to share with you some information on the subject and how advertising agencies in Orange County may help you venture into social media.

Few businesses could claim that they did not enter the world of digital marketing for purposes other than making money and generating more sales as their main motives. However, it is not to this point that we will be referring to here, but rather to something extremely important within digital marketing strategies: bringing organic traffic to your websites.

In general, the practice to improve such traffic is known as SEO, which refers to Search Engine Optimization. As its name indicates, the main focus is to address strategies to appear in the top results of a search for keywords in the main search engines.

In the case of SEO, you mainly use quality content and keywords that a user might be searching for without really having a particular site or provider in mind. Hence the importance of having a good SEO strategy.

So, how can social media help increase traffic to your site? In reality, it is simple to explain but much more difficult to achieve.

If you have a website with your products and services, you can use social media platforms to make posts that redirect traffic to the site instead of displaying the entire information within the same social media platform.

I call this a “bait strategy”. (We should not confuse it with clickbait, which is a totally different and somewhat negative concept.) The bait strategy is designed to show a bit of information to the user and make it so striking or interesting that they can not resist continuing to explore all the information within another platform – in this case, on your website. By doing this, we increase the quality and quantity of our inbound traffic and we can, at the same time, support the SEO strategies that are in place.

If you want to know more about how to improve your inbound traffic through social media, with the help of one of the best advertising agencies in Orange County, give us a call today. Twelve12 has just what you need to help your business thrive.

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