Things to know before using redirection with programmatic advertising


Even if people say that “there’s no such thing as bad advertising”, this is not true. There are a lot of examples of bad advertising and countless case reviews on how a poor decision compromised a whole company. Many websites offer programmatic advertising as a dream come true; however, it might turn into a nightmare for both the company and the customer if you are not careful. At Twelve12, we want to talk to you about this topic and why you should always hire experienced professional marketing companies  for these types of needs.

Marketing teams should rethink their strategies when it comes to redirecting. There is nothing more annoying for a consumer than buying a product and spending the next month trying to block countless ads about the same type of product. Don’t misunderstand me: it might have been a great ad, but the timing is far from perfect! Most times, the consumer has already purchased the product and is not looking for the same thing again on every single website they visit. I’m sorry, but as both marketers and consumers, we don’t see this as a strategy that will deliver a lot of happy customers.

So, how does redirecting work? Redirecting is a type of marketing that uses cookies to gather information about a potential client. Let’s say, you visit a website to buy shoes and this website places a cookie in your browser. The cookie will deliver information about your habits, such as the type of products that you looked at while you were on that website, the duration of your visit, whether you shared the content with someone else, etcetera. When you go to a different website, the programmatic tool will activate the cookies and display an ad with similar products or the same type of products that you showed interest in at the previous website.

Many marketers claim that this type of advertising is relevant for most people and will remind them to go back to your website. We believe that there are better and more efficient ways to interact with your customers than simply jumping on them on every other website! And, even more so, for those clients who have already purchased something from you and then receive a nonstop harassment campaign as a reward! The chances of them thinking twice before going back to your website to check something out are very high.

We are not suggesting that every redirecting advertising campaign is bad, however, it should be carefully planned and stay far away from visual pollution. It should, instead, show the customer a “returners discount” or something truly appealing and of tangible value to them.

To know more about how advertising and marketing companies in Orange County use programmatic advertising, give us a call today, asTwelve12 has exactly what your company needs.

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