The Importance of Online Videos And Your Company

For some it has gone unnoticed, but are you aware of the exponential increase in the of videos in all digital media? It is absolutely incredible. Go back a few years in your memory: Facebook alone mainly consisted of sharing some lines of text, external links, and pictures. Currently, online videos constitute a big part of the content of our Facebook walls. Such is the impact that this particular network has on users, that some companies have chosen to prohibit the use of cell phones during work hours.

At Twelve12, we are aware of the important role that videos have for a company’s online presence and our video Production team in Orange County want to share some information on the topic, along with some of the things that you have to keep in mind when you decide to dip your toes into the online video world.

The same trend of increase on video used as a marketing tool can be seen on other platforms; even video platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube. Previously, most of them would only show just a list of their content and make some suggestions based on our preferences. Today they show us some previews as we scroll down, and we can watch some movie trailers about the newest content and, in some cases, the video content will keep on running in a corner of our devices as we move around the page. The important thing about this is that, as users, our attention is caught and, in many cases, it makes us watch the whole thing even if we were not thinking about watching it. That is how we behave as human beings; if we are offered something interesting enough, we can’t resist the temptation to watch more.

There are published statistics that show the huge growth of video content and how, by 2020, more than 80% of the content meant for the consumer market will be video-based. That is how important and powerful this tool may be for your company.

Now, to make this work for you and to bring tangible results to your business, you shouldn’t jump into making videos without any planning. As we have discussed in previous blogs, the profile of today’s customer requires valuable content. A long and boring video is certainly not appealing, the same way a very short and abstract one with a confusing message would also be as unattractive as the long one. Quality trumps quantity every time, and with this I’m not talking about length and production quality specifically (even though professional online video production is much more appealing than a shaky homemade video). The quality I’m referring to is to make sure that the right message is being delivered to the audience.

Find out more about all the options that we have at Twelve12 for your video production needs in Orange County, give us a call today!

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