The Importance of Understanding Your Market Segment.

Every day we see how great business ideas suddenly close their doors and wonder what they could have done wrong or if they could have done something to prevent it. At Twelve12, we know that some people do not understand why their businesses are not obtaining the results that they had projected and, in an attempt to improve the situation, they turn to an Orange County Marketing agency to try to attract a greater number of buyers.

This type of situation usually happens in a service business or a company with services associated with the products. But why does this happen? Well, in the service industry, we usually find three types of levels at which the customer interacts with the company:

  1. 1. Low level of interaction: this level is the most basic of the 3; the client does not have to do much to obtain the benefit that the company offers, a very simple example of this type of interaction is seen in the cinema. The client simply acquires their ticket and it is enough for them to sit down to receive the service they acquired. The service is based on offering the location with the appropriate characteristics to see a movie and not in the movie itself that the customer chose.
  2. Moderate level of interaction: in this second level, the client has to interact more to obtain the service, as an example, we could talk about a tattoo artist or a hairstylist. The client not only has to go to the facilities to receive the service but must explain what they expect to get so that the service provider can satisfy the customer.
  3. High level of interaction: when a client is required to perform a series of actions to receive the value proposition, we are talking about a high level of interaction – examples of which may be nutrition, physiotherapy or consulting services. If the client does not follow the diet, does not perform the exercises, or the company does not accept the observations of a consultant, then the service for which they paid simply will not be obtained. In many cases, the client even requires a certain level of training from the company to obtain the expected result.

As we understand our customers, the need for further analysis arises and we have to verify that we are aiming to the most suitable segment. A wrong market segment will never be fully satisfied with our offer and we will get bad ratings even if our company doesn’t deserve it.

To find out more about how to redirect your marketing efforts, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we have exactly what you need for your Orange County marketing needs or anywhere else in the world.

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