Marketing Makeover Emergency

We all have experienced it before:  that horrible feeling of jealousy, knowing that the competition looks better than you, every time you take a look “they” are showing off that new thing and they attract almost everyone like flies to honey. The green monster of envy grows and you know that it is time for your makeover. No, I am not talking about a teenager, I am talking about your company.

Most companies experience a moment where a marketing makeover has to happen and some companies just need them from the start. There are some indications of this; Twelve12 is one of the Marketing Companies in Orange County that has expertise in this area and will help you out through the process of finding out if you are in need of a marketing makeover and will guide you and help you with it.

The most painful indicator is when you know (and everyone that works for you knows) that your competitors look better than you do. The presentation of the service or product is better, and they have better stores, better customer service, better POP material, better ads. You might even think that everywhere you look, there they are. But don’t give up just yet, as this might be only a perception. Yes, you might be even better than them, and you need to find out if you need to make some big changes in your company or if you just need a marketing makeover. Remember, people want more, and added value can make the difference. Find out what makes your company a “better deal” and you will be ahead of your competition.

Sometimes companies are so excited about a new product or service, that they are incapable of stopping talking about how they came up with the idea, and how good they feel about it. It is one thing to be proud of something and a very different thing to keep on talking all the time about how great you are. You must let your customers decide that, as they will let you and others know if your product helps them out and was life changing or not. You definitely need to evaluate your Marketing strategies if this is your case.

Those are only some of the most common indicators of a Marketing makeover emergency, but don’t worry, this can be fixed and you can be the next “big” thing! You just need to call one of the top Marketing Companies in Orange County. Give us a call today and find out more about our services: at Twelve12, we have the right team waiting for you.

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