Making Money Online

Twelve12 ’s loyal customers and friends have been asking to know more about ways to make money online. If you haven’t been reading our blog, you can go back and look for “How to make Money Online 101″. Today, I want to talk to you about something that most marketing companies in Orange County will never tell you, and why do we want to share this information with you? Because we know that not everyone is prepared to commit with a professional marketing company, and we are so confident with our services and results, that we don’t mind sharing some of our strategies.

Multiple platforms are something that scares people, especially those who doesn’t have previous experience. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Sticking with just one thing is playing it safe, and you may get some good results, but you won’t be reaching your full potential. Keep in mind that not every online platform is a good choice, but as long as you know your market, I’m sure that you can identify which are the best places to advertise your products and services.

Why is exploring multiple platforms so important? Because you would be reaching completely different audiences; we all lurk at a particular platform most of the time. Sure we go visit Facebook or YouTube, but most of us have our favourite, and that can make a difference. If you only do advertising or share content on Twitter, the chances of someone that only get on that platform to look for something for a few minutes a day to learn about your company is very low, but that same person may be sharing your content with a lot of friends on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, once you become relevant. And it is the same for every platform; actually, your approach should be different with each type of audience. So, don’t be scared and experiment a little bit every day, look for similar companies and compare strategies if you are not so sure about what to do with a particular platform.

If you need some help on where to begin, or if you want expert advice, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we are more than happy to help you and your company. Find out more about how marketing companies in Orange County work with multiple platforms and the best way to do it for your own business.

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