Marketing as a Whole Universe

For the average person, when someone mentions the phrase Marketing Agency they immediately think about advertising and promotions, but there is so much more to know and understand about Marketing. In a broad sense, Marketing is a process that involves any effort assembled to fulfill a particular need or desire with a degree of satisfaction. I am cautious about using the words “good” or “service”, because sometimes we deliver other types of things to satisfy such needs. In order to do this, there’s a whole process behind that starts at the very analysis of a Marketing opportunity.

At Twelve12, we make sure we understand our customers before deciding on any particular strategy, as everyone is different, so there’s no one-size-fits-all formula that we can apply. This way of conducting business is what marks the difference between us and any other Marketing agency in Orange County.

What is so important about Marketing other than advertising to become recognizable or increase sales? Well the thing is that Marketing, as we mentioned before, is involved with the process of selling, before a company even has a product or a service to sell. Marketing is very important for many aspects of a company and it is deeply involved with the business goals.

Any Marketing outcome is hard to predict 100% because it involves external and internal forces that interact directly with the components of the Marketing universe. They cannot be controlled and they can change suddenly, turning our efforts into an educated guess. But even if we can’t do much about those external forces, if we use the right tools and information, we can reduce greatly the margin of error and increase our chances for a successful outcome. This is where the Marketing process makes its grand entrance into the business picture. With an accurate Marketing analysis, a solid Marketing planning, a controlled Marketing implementation, and strong Marketing controls, we can get the results that we are looking for assuming that there are no extraordinary events happening that could affect the outcome in a negative way.

If you want to find out more about the options and evaluate your Marketing approach, you can always contact us. At Twelve12, we will be happy to answer all your questions about Marketing and the best way to improve your business. As a top Marketing Agency in Orange County, we have experts in every area that you might need. Give us a call today and start making your business a great one.

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