How to sell effectively through your ads

Advertising is not a synonym for design. Sometimes people wonder why their ads are not as effective as the ads from their main competitors – even though their design is clearly more appealing. However, a beautiful, edgy, or clever design does not necessarily make a good ad. This is one of the main reasons for hiring top OC ad agencies and not just a random freelancer with a good portfolio.

At Twelve12, we want to share with you the secrets that make an ad stand out from others.

As it is with almost everything to do with marketing, you need to begin with your target audience. I will never tire of saying how important it is to know your customer. If you don’t know and understand your client, it will be very difficult for you to deliver a message effectively. This is particularly complicated for young professionals who are in touch with new technologies but they have to handle the design of an ad that is meant for an older, less tech-oriented audience. They immediately want to storm the internet and social media without any regard for their customer’s preferences. Many of them just can’t conceive of a world where a person is not connected by any technological means possible. So, knowing your target market is a must.

Once you understand your customer, you should understand which are the best channels to communicate your message to that particular group of people. To establish which channels would work better for your company, try to rate them through trials and analytics and wait for the feedback. The reason behind this is not just to focus your efforts, but also because an ad that is intended for Twitter or YouTube is very different from those that are meant for a magazine, an email, or a newspaper.

Then move on to the message; you should be able to instantly tell what the message is about. Ads can be clever and fun, but if they are too abstract to understand, people will just dismiss them and move on. The same goes for the type of product, the offer, and the audience. If your product is meant to have an advantage as a cheaper option, you shouldn’t try to make an ad that looks too expensive. Alternately, if the person is expecting a high-quality product and it is not a sophisticated ad, it will fall flat.

The message and the graphic elements should work to enhance the real product and offer. And don’t forget to address the customer appropriately – be more polite with older and high-end customers; you can potentially be more friendly or sassy with younger target audiences.

If you want to know more about how to deliver an effective message through advertising, call the leading OC ad agencies like Twelve12. We’ll be happy to help you create the ad of your dreams!

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