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It is always exciting to introduce a new product to the market, as it is all or nothing, and a success is determined by the timing and the combination of the right conditions. It really doesn’t matter if there´s a crisis, or not very expensive products have been successfully introduced to the market during the worst financial conditions with great results. However, there is a variable that is present in almost every success story and that is good branding.

When you are a new company, you have to deal with the reluctance of the market to try new products, but as they say, the first impression is the one that counts, so make sure that you deliver what you promised.

At Twelve12, we understand the importance of a strong brand; customers must find your brand irresistible and should trust it. You have to keep in mind that is very hard to recover from a failure, but for strong brands it’s easier; so why is this?

Both companies launched a product that wasn’t what customers were expecting, and somehow a new brand or a weak one will have almost no chance of recovery, at least not without spending a lot of money and resources and on the other hand, a trusted brand will recover in just a few months or even weeks. This outcome results from the client’s perception, they will give the benefit of the doubt to a trusted brand, but they will be merciless with new companies.

Another good reason to develop a strong brand is to move higher in the purchase process, and a good percentage of buyers will choose to buy from a known company instead of a new one. Just a few will try new options, and you will want to get all those sales that represent more than 50% of the buyers. Orange County branding services can offer you a reliable service that will exceed your expectations about market research, branding and product launching.

Is there a better way to build up a brand? Actually, it depends on so many variables that every company is different, and what your company needs might not be the right choice for another. At Twelve 12 we believe in stepping outside of the box and delivering innovative and exciting strategies to communicate your message effectively to your potential customers. Give us a call today and find out what the Orange County branding experts have for you.

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