How to Evaluate a Marketing Agency for a Small Business


Choosing the right marketing agency is a critical decision for small business owners looking to enhance their brand presence and drive growth. This is why at Twelve12 we want to share with you a small guide on how to evaluate a marketing agency to ensure it aligns with your business goals and delivers effective results.

Before evaluating any agency, clearly define your marketing goals. Whether it’s increasing brand awareness, generating leads, boosting sales, or improving customer engagement, knowing your objectives will help you find an agency with the right expertise.

Look for agencies with experience in your industry or with similar business sizes.

An agency familiar with the challenges and opportunities in your sector is more likely to develop effective strategies. Review their portfolio to see case studies and past campaigns that demonstrate their ability to achieve results.

Research the agency’s reputation through online reviews, testimonials, and references.

Platforms like Google Reviews, LinkedIn, and industry-specific forums can provide insights into the agency’s reliability and performance.

Evaluate their services.

A full-service agency can provide a cohesive strategy across multiple channels, maximizing your marketing efforts.

Assess how the agency plans to keep you informed about campaign progress.

Regular reports, transparent metrics, and clear communication channels indicate a professional agency committed to keeping you in the loop.

Understand the agency’s pricing model and ensure it aligns with your budget.

Transparent pricing and a clear explanation of costs help avoid surprises. Be wary of agencies that promise unrealistically low prices, as quality marketing services require adequate investment.

An agency’s own digital presence can be a testament to their capabilities.

Evaluate their website, social media profiles, and content quality. A strong, well-maintained digital presence indicates their expertise in the field.

If you want to know more about how to evaluate a marketing agency in Orange County, give us a call today. At Twelve12, we’ll be more than happy to answer all your questions!

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