How can digital marketing work for you?

Consumers are not as easy to understand as it seems. And digital marketing is not just setting up a company’s website. But, if this is so complicated, then why bother? Is it worth the effort? Will it attract more clients to your business? I will let you be the judge of it.

First of all, let’s talk about what is marketing and digital marketing. Marketing refers to the process of fulfilling the need of a customer through research, advertising, promotion and many other activities that add value to the service or product delivered at the end of the chain. Digital marketing is like a parallel universe to traditional marketing, that exists in any digital or electronic media, such as internet, mobile phones, podcasts, digital television, wireless texting, among others, that include its own set of activities and ways to perform them in order to add value to the service or product offered to the customer located at the end of the process.

If you consult a branding agency in Los Angeles, they will show you how online marketing in Orange County can be a powerful tool to increase your market’s perception about your company.

Twelve12, a leader in digital marketing in Orange County, has created a very interesting set of tools that can benefit your company. Their strategies include the consumer buying process and thus make Twelve12 the perfect marketing company in Orange County.

Many companies and consumers believe that the buying decision process is automatic, but this statement is far from the truth, particularly when we talk about digital customers. Access to the digital channels is so easy and extent in most countries that it becomes hard to find someone that can’t be reached through them. What makes this process so complicated? The way buyers decide. There are many variables included in the buying process, but the main variables are the service or product, the consumer and the need or value that is satisfied with the transaction.

It might seem that someone decides to buy a bag or a car for specific needs like an item to pack personal things or just a vehicle to move from one place to another. And indeed the basic need is covered, but why then are there so many choices and you can find a bag for thousands of dollars while others cost less than 50? Or why are there so many car choices when you only need one to choose from? Here is where the “complicated” part kicks in. The desires give the process a different perspective and covering the need is not enough anymore. And one of the most important variables might be “who” reaches the customers first and wows them. This might be the difference between a successful business and failing at digital marketing. Twelve12 is one of the most experienced digital marketing companies in Orange County and they have an expert solution for your every need.

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