Work on your brand mantra to help your business thrive


When we talk about “mantra” we think about something powerful, spiritual, or with magical qualities. What we do not think about when we say this word is anything to do with marketing because it has nothing to do with it … or does it? At Twelve12, we want to talk to you about marketing mantras and how our branding and marketing company can help you develop your own.

Whenever we hear the word “mantra”, our minds usually get transported to the Far East and we think about powerful yoga gurus, sacred chants, or even magic spells; we never associate this word with marketing or branding. If, however, we look into this word, we will find that there’s no exact definition for it, other than a repetitive sequence of words that are believed to have magical properties. And indeed, what we are looking for when we design our branding plans is something magical and so powerful that should become part of our hearts.

Before you start laughing and think that I’m stretching this concept too far, there is such thing as a “brand mantra”! The concept is not new and you are probably not familiar with it as a consumer. This is because a brand mantra is supposed to be directed towards the core of a company and not to the everyday customer (that’s what the slogans are for). But why is it important to develop a brand mantra? Why even consider paying money for it?

A key concept of branding is to align the company with the image that we want to present to the world – and not just a pretty image with hollow words and nothing real backing it up. The only way to do it is to begin from the inside and work our way to the outside as a unit.

A good way to understand this concept is through an example: Almost everyone knows who is responsible for “Just Do It” (Nike), however, not that many consumers know their brand mantra, which is one of the most famous case study examples for brand mantra. Their mantra is “Authentic Athletic Performance” and following that mantra is how their employees, representatives, and offices around the world design, sell, and decorate products and stores. Then, as a consumer, you get inspired by their slogans or latest ad campaigns such as “Just Do It”. And you think about fitness and performance – even if you are not into any of those things but just want to buy comfortable shoes.

If you want to know more about how to design your brand mantra and align it with your overall branding strategy, give us a call today. Our branding and marketing company and a special team of experts at Twelve12 will be happy to work with you.

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