How Does Brand Awareness Work

People from all over the world get online on a daily basis and brand awareness is key to doing business successfully. The statistics that are published online about this topic say that new users get online every day increasing the numbers into millions of users. Being among them, you can agree that we are constantly being bombarded by brands everywhere, at websites, social media, even while playing games. And with the online world virtually in everyone’s hands 24/7 it is easier than ever to be able to reach your customers and improve their brand awareness. However, this can also raise the issue of how to make your brand stand out from the others, to make your customers engage with your brand in a sea of websites, logos, ads, banners, infographics, social media, etcetera.

Don’t pull your hair out just yet! At Twelve12, we want to tell you some more about how we do branding in Orange County and beyond. The answer about how to make the magic happen for your business is to implement the market trends, although it requires hard work, patience and an ever-watching eye. You also need to have a deep understanding of your business goals, its personality, and what it stands for to make better marketing plans and increase your brand awareness.

You will find out that many blogs and websites tend to reduce branding and brand awareness to a simple logo design. It is true that an attractive logo that reflects your company’s identity is very important, but branding goes beyond a logo. I usually recommend at this point to share the customer’s point of view:

You will notice that many products that are intended for women have very attractive designs, they come in beautiful packages and with several layers, an outside bag to protect the box, a bow, a stylish box; even the tissue paper that we find inside the box has lovely patterns. All this effort has to do with the female tendency to notice the small details. On the other hand, the products intended for men are usually very sober: the packaging is simple, manly and clean, with certain types of colors, usually dark or very neutral, and some of them even look as if they were military products. I don’t think I recall ever seeing a shaving cream for men with a floral design, and even if there’s one out there, I hardly think it will ever be a top seller.

If you need more information about branding in Orange County, give us a call today. At Twelve12, we will help your brand stand out from all others the right way.

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