Branding Strategies to Captivate Your Target Audience


In recent years, and especially in the online universe, it is increasingly difficult to make people see your brand and generate and audience, so you resort to targeted and paid advertising, sponsorships, and endless paid resources that end up taking a big chunk of your profits. This is why our Orange County branding team at Twelve12 wants to share with you some of the most interesting strategies for your online branding.

It is well known that the Internet has facilitated communication and allowed small businesses and entrepreneurs the possibility of doing business beyond their physical locales. However, the number of offers has also grown exponentially and customers are now constantly bombarded by advertising. In some cases this is interesting for them; in others, not so much.

We have also seen the evolution from text to images, from images to videos, from videos to vlogs, and from vlogs to short stories or reels. Video has made the task of communicating advertising messages much easier than static images, and with the advent of vlogging, explaining in depth how it works and highlighting the benefits of your products and services is so much easier.

However, consumers began to get bored with long videos and being constantly broadcast to about what was the “new” product to buy. These days, with small video snippets and how fast and easy they are to view, things get somewhat more complicated.

So how do you stop prospects from franticly scrolling, and encourage them to stop to look at your offer long enough for them to decide to dig deeper

Well, the first thing you must analyze is what makes a person stop or simply continue. It is simple and, to a certain extent, it will act as the first filter for the audience that is truly interested in your offer. You must define, in the first seconds of exposure, the image that will attract the attention of your potential client. In other words, if you are looking for a vacation, it should not be the price, but the place – a landscape that is impossible to ignore, or the most beautiful and paradisaical beach, or the most colorful and enigmatic market – and from there show a message that piques curiosity enough for the audience to go to your site and see what you offer.

The best examples to build and audience  that I have seen to engage interest of people have no price tags but they are enigmatic; they reflect exclusivity and, at the same time, something that could be within their reach. It is more about the “aura” of a brand than a product or a service and, just like that, they are half-way to becoming paying customers, just because the ad was interesting enough to catch their eye.

If you want to find out more about how to improve your brand’s image online, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we have what you need for your branding needs.

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