Get to know your customers before you select your media


Have you ever thought about hiring one of the media companies in Orange County? Is it really important which type of media we use to advertise a product? Absolutely yes! It does matter, as not everyone has the same preferences.

Some people are more comfortable watching ads online; others enjoy listening to podcasts or radio stations; some others watch T.V.  Some still buy magazines and some can’t live without checking out the newspaper daily.

A media company could help you achieve your goals easier than doing it on your own, and at Twelve12, we enjoy working with all types of media and, even though we have our favorites, we select the media according to the needs of the customer.

Although there are several factors to consider when it is time for a company to select a type of media, one of the most relevant (especially for small companies) is the budget. Money is an issue even if we don´t want to think about it. If you are reading this article, you can probably relate to this particular inconvenience. When you have a limited budget, every penny counts, you need to be smart and effective to turn everything into profit and get your ROI as soon as possible.

On the positive side, online media prices are fair and affordable for almost everyone.

Before you jump into the online “cheap” ad bundle wagon, keep in mind that there are several ways to promote your business online, and not all of them include a paid ad. You can work through social media, blogs, vlogs, etc. and you could also add some paid advertising into the mixture. Sometimes, however, you may need to go through more traditional ways of advertising – it all depends on what is better for your business.

The main objective of any ad is to communicate with your customers and potential customers, whether it is to let them know about your company or to directly sell them a product or a service. Knowing your clients and the best channels to reach them is imperative. But is this all? No! You also need to be available to sell. Once you have selected your best channel or channels, think about the easiest and fastest way to complete a transaction and advertise it as well.

If you want to know more about the type of media that works best for your company, stop looking for just any media companies in Orange County and give Twelve12 a call today. We have exactly what you need at very affordable prices.

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