Happy Customers, Loyal Customers

Want to keep your customers loyal? Give them something to be loyal about. Do you really think that there is no other product like yours out there? Even free or cheaper options that may be a better choice for your clients? You have to be really unique in order to rely on your product alone for a customer’s loyalty. And even then, if your company is not that good, as soon as they find a similar option they will leave you without giving it a second thought. Consumers can be fickle and the challenge is to overcome this.

As a Marketing Agency in Orange County, we are often asked about ways to maintain customer loyalty and we have a saying at Twelve12, “Whenever you are in doubt, think like a customer”.

I’ll give you an example. A person has been a loyal customer of an antivirus company for more than 5 years, and really likes their product, even though the customer service is not that great. Recently he purchased a new laptop, and still had a valid antivirus license with this company. The person did some research anyway and found another great option for less money. Still, he decided to keep their current antivirus. Soon after, he found out that the antivirus company has another version of the product that was purchased originally but with better features. The consumer called the company and asked why he couldn’t activate the upgraded version and their answer was a simple no and that he needed to download the less attractive option.

The consumer expected better from them. Hence, he will be trying the new option which is less expensive and hopefully with better customer service. And that is how you lose a loyal customer in just one phone call.

Not just that: they will be losing all the people that rely on the consumer’s opinion to purchase an antivirus package. About 5 other people will leave this company with him and probably some others that ask them which antivirus they have installed on their devices.

A discount coupon for his next purchase or a 3 month trial instead of just the regular one month that you can get from their website would have made the world of difference here.

I am sure that everyone has at least one story similar to this, so do your homework and really find out ways to keep your customers happy and loyal to you; think as a customer and map the purchase process as much as you can.

As a Marketing Agency in Orange County, we help your company develop better strategies to keep your customers loyal and happy, so give us a call today and find out more about the great options that we have for you. At Twelve12 you are always our most important client.

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