Digital Marketing Planning – Part 4

We have reached one of the most important parts of digital marketing planning, in this article we will discuss the tactics that we should put in place to get our company exactly where we want it to be. Twelve12, leaders in the digital marketing Orange County, are expert professionals dedicated to elaborate the most effective tactics for your company.

This step is where we need to put all the knowledge that we gathered in previous activities to work. This is the most pure essence of marketing labor. We need to consider all the components of the marketing mix in this step.

Product or service: we know all our product or service advantages over the competitors’ options and we should know our disadvantages also, at this point we should have a product that stands out from other similar offers.

People: as business people, we need to be very aware of the process of exchanging the product or service, a good customer service will lead to good reviews, recommendations and loyalty.

Process: this is the actual procedure of delivering the service, what kind of staff should we hire or how are we going to make our customers feel satisfied and happy with their purchase.

Positioning: the position is the place that we have in any given industry, our strategies in this area should lead us to obtain a better position and how to achieve it.

Promotion: This is the way that we are going to market our services or products. You don’t have to have a huge budget, but you need a budget for it, you don’t always need newspapers, T.V. ads or radio ads, there are many ways to promote our products and services. Choose a mix that matches your needs and budget. Luckily Twelve12 has an awesome video production orange county team that can give you options for visual promotion campaigns.

Place: The location where the service or product will be sold, it might affect your project budget directly, especially if it is a tangible product that needs to be delivered. You need to consider all the costs generated by this “P”. Online marketing in Orange County experts, such as Twelve12, can help you out with your online sales strategies.

Price: We need to have a profit margin, but we should be very aware of the market value and perception value that our products or services have in the market. We need to have a competitive price unless our offer is the only product of the same characteristics in the market.

Performance: this examines how well or bad are we doing with our strategies, we need to establish some controls in order to be able to correct our mistakes. Twelve12 Internet marketing Orange County team can monitor closely your online performance.

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