Digital Marketing Planning – Part 2

At Twelve12, we believe that digital marketing shouldn’t be done without any regard or supervision. That is why we are one of the top Digital Marketing Companies in Orange County; we take pride in the constant reviews of the latest technologies and trends so we can design the most effective campaigns for Internet Marketing in Orange County.

The first blog of this series was focused on analyzing the environment. This time we are going to review the steps that we should follow to plan our marketing objectives.

First of all, we need to make sure of the direction we want to take, what kind of company we want to become, and what kind of products and services we are going to offer to our customers. This is the very core of our business plan and it might represent the success or failure of our project.

  1. Customers: we need to know how are we going to sell the product, this is not about how much advertising are we planning to pay, this is about how are we going to get customers, find out with a deep analysis who is our real target market. Is there any way that we can facilitate the purchase decision? How much is it going to cost to convince our prospects to make the purchase? Is it going to be cost effective or is it better to look for a different strategy?
  2. Added Value: what are the differences and main reasons that will make someone choose our products over the competitors? How can we communicate this effectively, maybe we want to launch an amazing video campaign to raise awareness about our products. Twelve 12 have an expert team to cover all your video production needs in Orange County.
  3. Service: We need to establish our service goals, what is our main service objective? What are other objectives for customer service? Remember that an outstanding Customer service can make the difference between a success and a failure.
  4. Quality processes: In order to keep our expenses down and serve our customers better, we need to set objectives about optimized processes. Quality and efficiency will represent better production and shipping times, more productivity and less expenses.

Twelve12, is one of the most successful online marketing companies in Orange County with expert teams in several areas, such as video production in Orange County. Call us and see for yourself all the possibilities that we have for helping you grow a brilliant business.

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