Different Types Of Needs, Different Types Of Marketing

For new business owners and also for brand new entrepreneurs, marketing is a concept that sometimes is a little bit confusing to understand. At Twelve12, we want to help you get the extension of the marketing concept and through this, maybe we will be able to aid you through the process of finding your best option among the different marketing companies in Orange County for your specific needs.   

Let’s start at the definition: if you have been doing some research, you probably noticed that there are a few different definitions and types of marketing, they all have similarities, most of them mention a process, products or services, needs and customers. And they vary depending on the author’s main focus. Overall, the easiest way to understand what marketing means is by analyzing the name itself. Marketing includes all the activities within a business, from the design of a product to customer satisfaction even after the purchase is done.  It sounds relatively easy, but each part of the business process comes with its own set of problems to solve.

The next step here would be to understand the different types of marketing companies that you may find. Personally, I like dividing the different of types of marketing into 4 main categories: marketing focused on research and development, marketing focused on sales, marketing focused on branding, and marketing focused on digital or virtual environments. Within each category, you’ll find several options, and you will also find out that sometimes, you will need a broader approach rather than something specific.

Research and development will focus on gathering information and developing strategies, products, plans, etc. – anything that will help you make your business better, innovative, and help it grow. This type of marketing tends to be more inward than outward. Although it will affect the overall outcome involving a business transaction with a customer or another business.

Sales’ marketing, focuses on delivering results and the main objective is to increase sales, it will look for the best locations, approach, product design, product features, prices, etc. anything to raise the number of sales.

For branding, the main focus is to make your company and/or your products or services well known to the customers, recognizable and improve your reputation.

I want to take a small pause here and mention that communication, advertising, and promotion may be involved in many of them, but they are usually linked to sales and branding, as a sort of bridge between both. It doesn’t fall in just one category and it can’t have a category of its own either since they are related to many other parts of the business process. The main focus of communication, advertising and promotion is to aid you to achieve your goals and it’s directed to the customer, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.

And finally, virtual and digital marketing, who aims to apply the marketing techniques to the new technology available.

For more information about how marketing companies in Orange County can help you achieve your goals and your best option, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we’ll be happy to help you find what you are looking for.

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