The Chicken And The Egg – The Marketing Starting Point

The starting point of marketing is the consumer; if you do it backwards it will not work or will only work partially or by chance, but this doesn’t mean that the other parts of the process are less important or that they don’t matter. And before you start screaming at your screen and close this article, let me explain why the consumer should always be the starting point.

First, I need to take a plunge into the ocean of marketing. Most marketing companies in Orange County know that it is not the art of persuasion or making you buy something you don’t need, it is about communicating effectively. It is this like that old game that says “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Should we focus on the product? The price? Or the customer? Or any other marketing variable involved for that matter. This is probably why many marketing definitions usually come short. We need to look at marketing as a holistic process, where all the parts involved are important and they are intertwined.

So, why is it that the starting point should be the consumer then? There is no point in trying to sell something that nobody wants. The consumer’s need is the focal point here, if you can’t find a market segment interested in your product or service you won’t sell a single thing. The process can be broken down into two parts, you need a supplier and a buyer. It doesn’t matter if it involves money or how many people are involved in the process, there’s always those two things, you need an offer and you need a demand. If you don’t have these two elements you can’t fulfill a need. And if we take a deeper look into this, as a consumer, you can find something that may not satisfy you completely, but in the end you can survive without a supplier, in the other hand, if a supplier can’t find a buyer he can’t survive, it is as simple as that.

The most successful marketing companies in Orange County will work on your side looking at your business as a whole and not just a simple transaction, they will focus on delivering the right message to the right people and fulfill their needs, but without damaging the rest of your process, delivering not only financial results, but also building up a strong presence in the market as a whole company.

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