A Business Danger: The Know-it-all.

There’s nothing more toxic for a small company than a know-it-all owner.  Let me tell you a secret: if you are reading this, is because you know you don’t really know-it-all after all. Wait – don’t leave just yet! Let me explain how bad it can get for your business if you are one or if you have one of those people working for you.

Marketing Companies in Orange County have a sole purpose: make your business succeed. When you read about it, it might seem like an obvious statement, but we do have to deal with know-it-all owners some of the time. The problem doesn’t really reside in the fact that they think they are right and their way is the only way; the real problem is that they seek help because their businesses are struggling, and instead of trying a new approach to deal with problems, they insist on continuing to do exactly the same thing that caused the problem in the first place.

It can be frustrating, but even though it takes some time (and strategy) to make them understand, they usually are able to see the big picture after a while. At Twelve12, we take pride in being understanding, patient and innovative and we present solutions where you can actually see positive results very quickly.

A know-it-all employee will never be the best choice for your business, and here are some reasons why:

  1. They are unable to accept other people’s ideas. It doesn’t matter if you hire the most expensive and experience advisor. They will never agree that someone else may have a better way to do things.
  2. It is very hard for them to accept change. Markets today change much faster than a few decades ago and if you want your business to survive, you need people that feel comfortable with change and able to adapt quickly to new trends and ways of doing things to keep your business trendy.
  3. It is almost impossible to have an intelligent dialogue with them. This is one of the biggest problems for a business. If what you need is a tough teacher, a know-it-all is your person – but be prepared to be corrected, to listen to long speeches and to be told about how much you don’t know. (Yes, even if you are the manager).

Times have changed, and old school mindsets won’t help your business. You need fresh ideas, new strategies, and business models that can adapt to the ever-changing markets. Make sure that you look for the best marketing companies in Orange County (like Twelve12) that are in the business of making you succeed – and not just giving a lecture about all the things that you have been doing wrong!

Give us a call today, at Twelve12, your business is our business and we may not know-it-all, but are experts in covering all your marketing needs.

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