Branding and Marketing with Twelve12

Sometimes, the concept of branding is not very clear to business people. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge of the marketing world, you may be under the belief that marketing and branding are synonyms and/or a cost center.

Marketing is not just “something” that you pay for; it involves every aspect of the company, even the process of making a product, the design of the pack, the label, etcetera, and it holds all the variables that will hopefully end up driving sales to the business.

Branding is one part of the marketing effort; it is not the same thing or a completely separate thing, and it must be presented and planned according to the business goals. At Twelve12, one of the most reputed branding companies in Orange County, we explain these concepts thoroughly to our clients so each step you take towards your goals is effective and provides the results that you were expecting – or even better.

Some of our clients ask if they need to do branding or if they should do marketing, and at Twelve12 we see your company as a whole entity, so we try to guide you to reach the best option for your individual case. We don’t have a recipe for success that must be followed in every case, as this is an unrealistic way of doing business. Instead, we analyze your specific needs and we design a plan that will work for you within the range of your budget.

Branding is a very important activity for a company; it will help you build a lasting relationship with a customer. Branding strategies are not oriented to a specific product. It will not advertise a product of a company. Think about your favorite brand of (fill in the blank); now think about your favorite product of that specific brand. The brand that you selected and that you feel so attached to, that is branding, and the product that you prefer from that brand, (for example a specific type of shampoo or toothpaste from the same brand) will be marketing strategies working to fulfill your specific needs as a customer.

As you can see, both are important and you need to work with them to eventually convince potential clients to try your product or service. Doing it yourself might end up costing you more than money, so before you try to do it yourself, give us a call at Twelve12 and find out more about us.  You will be surprised at the benefits of having a professional team working for you. If you are thinking branding in Orange County, you must be thinking Twelve12.

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