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Brand strategy

Did you know that a great branding strategy is crucial for your company?

At Twelve12, we see many companies struggle to sell their products and retain existing customers simply because they can’t deliver on the promises their brand has made to their clients. You should consider consulting with our professional branding agency in Orange County if your brand needs to develop or revamp its identity.

Branding is much more than just a logo, a slogan, or the color of your packaging, and you need to have a holistic perspective when you devise and implement your overall branding strategy.

Customers tend to identify themselves with and by their preferred brands. There can be many reasons why this happens and, as with any relationship, if the client feels betrayed or deceived, this important relationship may never be restored. With so many options, especially online, consumers will certainly quickly and easily find a new brand to replace yours if they are less than delighted.

Branding efforts may fail if those within the company don’t understand that the brand must be presented with a unique value proposition – and the brand needs to evolve with the market and the times. This can often happen with smaller companies run by families, and it is a problem if the head of the company has an idea of their brand based on tradition and “what’s always been done” rather than necessarily meeting the needs of what the current market seeks. Keeping traditions alive can be wonderful, and appealing to many consumers, but only when it suits the product, the customer, and the demand for what the brand offers. Even an old brand should excite and appeal to your current customers and attract new ones – or eventually, the brand will expire.

Keeping up with the modern market is challenging, but there are many different ways to succeed. The simplest way to achieve this is to listen to new ideas, adopt new strategies, understand trends,  and adapt to keep the company alive.

Why not call our branding agency in Orange County? The team of branding experts at Twelve12 is here to help and we will be delighted to offer you a new perspective.

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