Twelve12’s Versatility & Strengths Showcased on New Clutch Review

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Branding, marketing, video production, web development — whatever service you need, Twelve12 is always looking forward to serving your business. Located in Irvine, California, we are a group of passionate creatives and problem-solvers that aim to make a difference. We love helping companies nurture their brands and operations through our efforts.

As we aim to grow further in order to help more businesses, it has come to our attention that one of our recent clients provided us with an outstanding review on Clutch.

To help you get up to speed, Clutch is an independent B2B review and rating platform dedicated to helping browsers connect with the right service providers. The site is home to a huge collection of data-driven reviews, market research content, data-driven blogs, and agency rankings.

We are genuinely excited to share our review provided by Hassan Siddiqi, the Chief Executive Officer of CloudStep, an IT services firm. An analyst from Clutch personally called Siddiqi to conduct an interview regarding our long ongoing branding, web development, and digital marketing engagement with their business.

The five-star review takes a deeper dive into our team’s efforts. Since 2017, we’ve helped their company with extensive marketing services and throughout the years we’ve expanded our involvement. We’ve proven our worth to them and showed them that they can entrust us with whatever project they have in mind.

Here’s what they had to say when the Clutch analyst asked about the most impressive aspect about our team:

“The best thing about Twelve12 is their holistic approach to understanding our business and then building from that. They make us feel at ease, and we don’t have to supervise their work. We do work with their team, but it’s fun. We’re relaxed because they do all the heavy lifting, and our team only has to give input. In fact, our team looks forward to our meetings with Twelve12.

Overall, the comfort and the peace of mind they give us are the best parts of working with them. They know what they’re doing and take on the leadership role for it.”

— Chief Executive Officer, CloudStep

Want to see their full review? You may check it out and our other clients’ feedback on our Clutch profile. That being said, we are beyond proud to have this wonderful feedback featured on our profile. This truly helps us see what we can improve further and continue doing.

The whole Twelve12 team extends their love and appreciation to CloudStep and all our other clients for trusting us.

At Twelve12, we put our best foot forward and put our hearts into each project. Our reputation precedes us, and that is evident on The Manifest’s, a company listing blog site, latest rankings.

Based on The Manifest’s findings, Twelve12 is among the top 100 highest-performing best branding agencies for 2021. Our team was able to demonstrate unmatched customer service and satisfaction, earning us praise from the site.

Work with the best all-around service provider! Twelve12 is ready 24/7. Send us a message and let’s get to know more about each other.

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