Brand Loyalty | Appealing To Human Emotions

Almost everyone has heard the term brand loyalty, and as business people, we are always in search of that thing that will make our customers never leave us, without it mattering how many companies throw bargains their way. There are a few different approaches and styles of the multiple marketing companies in Orange County for this particular topic, but at Twelve12, we want to share with you some answers to some of your questions. Is it easy to achieve? What does it take to achieve brand loyalty?

Brand loyalty as it was conceived has been denied for some years now by Neuromarketing studies, and it is only fair to say that some other studies debate with such results. It is true that it doesn’t matter how loyal a customer is to a brand, it only takes one disappointment to look into other options and try them instead.

So, is brand loyalty achievable? From my experience and point of view, loyalty is very similar to a personal relationship. It is necessary to pay attention to details and don’t let go and, of course, become a pillar of safety to the client.

It is not a coincidence that certain people refuse to try a different brand; they have achieved such a relationship with the brand that it is motivation enough to return the favor and stay loyal to that connection. When we see examples of such loyalty, it is very common to find certain factors; one of them is the emotional component, which may become very powerful and, in some way, it is what we aspire when we design our objectives and strategies for brand loyalty.

It is very simple to prove the power of the emotional component over the buying process, and most of us have experienced it. Given two choices, with similar characteristics and added value, the buying decision becomes a matter of a “gut feeling” rather than a rational decision.

Appealing to human emotions such as love, fear or happiness, usually results in more effective marketing campaigns than just the fact of delivering a very attractive picture of a product. Of course, the presentation is very important, but one will always buy those brands that advertise happiness, health and love for a family over brands that may have similar ingredients, but don’t appeal to the human emotion.

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