Internet Marketing Strategies : Senses and Emotions

It is well known by now that to have a successful marketing campaign, it is imperative to connect with our customers on a deeper level. Traditional marketing used to appeal to visual content rather than anything else in order to reach customers; today, the same customers are well informed and they rely on opinions from family and friends to try or buy a product. We can no longer tell our customers how amazing our products are and expect them to believe us and rush to buy our product or service.

At Twelve12, we became aware of this way of interacting many years ago and we agree with many authors that the most successful marketing campaigns are those who are able to reach their customers through stimulation of the different senses. It is hard to develop a product that is going to stimulate the 5 senses, but we can try to include as much as a product can. This is called sensory marketing. It is relatively easy to do when you can interact with customers face to face inside the walls of a store, but what about through the internet? How are we going to be able to deliver smell or taste online? For your internet marketing in Orange County, you need to add yet another dimension that we have discussed before: emotion.

We may not be able to touch a consumer’s hand, but we are certainly able to touch their brains or their hearts and trigger an emotion through the available technology. This is emotional marketing and combined with sensory marketing, it is the most powerful way to reach your customers.

So, how do this work? It works with the online experience that we can provide to our customers. Think about what your product is designed for, the most basic features – let’s say a mystery digital novel. How do we sell this product? How do we add that unique user experience? After all, a book is just a book and we can’t even add the smell of physical books or the sensation of touch when you pass the page. This is where it gets interesting. I remember one of the most interesting experiences when I bought this very popular best seller, little I knew that I was yet to be surprised by an invitation to go to a mysterious website and be the one that solved a mystery of my own. Needless to say, this was so much more than just reading a book, and I became hooked to this particular author, just to keep on getting more of that experience. The book was great, but the overall experience was awesome.

This is what you are looking for when you want to do internet marketing in Orange County for a product or a service, you want people to buy it for the experience rather than the price or the discount. If you want to know more about this type of internet marketing, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we are waiting for an opportunity to amaze you.

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