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Creating a brand is not easy. You might think that it is just a matter of finding a suitable name and defining some colors and designs and that is it. But the concept of brand creation goes far beyond this simple explanation. At Twelve12, we want to share some important aspects of a brand and give you some interesting strategies used by our branding team – so keep reading!

Behind any brand creation there is a concept, a reason for being. We can see countless examples of products that are created for a brand and not the other way around. In large companies, the concepts are somewhat diluted and there is a tendency to create product families and subgroups of families to adapt the brand concept that, normally, will gravitate around the most representative product of the company.

In the case of smaller brands, entrepreneurs, and micro-businesses, the brand concept is both simpler and more difficult to manage. Normally, there is a main concept or idea behind the business, for example, a cafeteria, a sports store specializing in a particular sport, a specific service, etc. In the beginning, it happens because of the personal interest of the owner or creator, or simply because they know the market, having worked for a company for a long time. This leads to the development of small, well-defined brands – at least in theory.

The main problem we face is the definition of why? In many cases, not even the owner themselves has been specific in defining the business plan, and this very important question is often forgotten and undefined, despite being one of the pillars for the creation of a brand.

Trying to create a brand from an ambiguous concept is a very complicated and almost impossible task. In the best of cases, the owner will simply take what is indicated, however, most do not feel identified with the proposed concepts and just put the task aside. It is a serious mistake on the part of branding experts to try to read the client’s mind or to ignore it completely. In order to develop a brand, the original creator must set the tone, since they are the only one who can give us the answer as to why a product, service, or company was created.

From that point, it is then possible to begin to shape and define the brand and arrive at the correct personality, elements, and colors, as well as the main message that we will inject into any development offered by the same company.

This is but the tip of the branding iceberg!

Want to know more about branding? Give us a call today, at Twelve12, we want to see your brand thrive!

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