The Amazing 5 – Why, Who, What, Where and When

Why, who, what, where and when. These are the most important questions that you should be able to answer if you have a good marketing strategy. It is very hard to keep online customers loyal to your brands, the digital media is constantly bombarding your regular clients and your potential market with constant advertising based on their online behavior. It is time for you to take control of your internet marketing in Orange County and Twelve12 is here to guide you through this process.

The best way to manage your efforts is to direct them and turn every opportunity into an effective probability with a purchase outcome (if that is what you are looking for) and in order to make this happen we need to follow some guidelines. In the process, you will find out if you need to change something within your company to turn from average or just good to an awesome business.

Why is it so important to know WHY? If you have no idea of why you are planning on spending time and money on something then you probably shouldn’t be doing it. You should be very specific when you answer this question. You shouldn’t say “because we want to be the best”, it should be something like “We need to increase our sales” or “We need to expand our brand awareness”

Who is WHO? You already stated the purpose (or purposes) for your marketing plans, now you need to be specific about the type of people that you want to reach. This is more commonly known as market segmentation. Find out everything you can about your target, and when we say everything we mean “EVERYTHING” even if it comes down to sleeping habits.

What do you mean with WHAT? So you know why, you know who, but what are you expecting the “Who” to do when your message reaches them? This question is directly related with the “Why”

Where is a destination WHERE we can reach you? You found everything about WHO, now you should be able to tell the best options to reach your target, gaming places, online stores, reading websites, you name it.

And finally, when will you know WHEN? By developing a proper profile of your target, you will be able to determine the best moment to present your message, the best places and hours to reach your target when they are open and ready to receive your information.

Internet Marketing in Orange County should be fun and effective for your company, give us a call today and found out more about all the options that Twelve12 has for you.

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