Internet Marketing Strategies – Why Research Counts

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How much research goes into your internet marketing strategy?

At Twelve12, we want to talk to you about one of the most important parts of your internet marketing efforts. Here we will share with you some information on marketing strategies for internet marketing in Orange County or elsewhere.

Strategy. Almost all of us understand this word, but not many know what marketing strategies are or how to select one. Depending on the size of your company, your internet marketing plan should be more or less detailed. If you were to write down the main points of your plan, however, it doesn’t matter if you are going to focus your efforts on a couple of items or a hundred of them. You should always include a SWOT analysis, the marketing objectives, the strategies or strategy to fulfil the objectives, an action plan, a viability plan, and your controls and evaluation key points.

For every company, the main objective will always be to sell more. Yes, even those non-profit companies are out to sell you their ideas, so you get on board and write a check! To be able to achieve your main goals, you will find that, during the process, identifying secondary objectives is the most common outcome. These may include attracting new customers to a new market, reduce the stock of outdated items, improve cash flow … there are a million secondary objectives that you can encounter, and this is where you should focus your attention and develop specific strategies.

Strategies are usually related to the product, the price, our online presence or online store, and advertising. To improve any or all the above, you need to have a deep understanding of how the online market works and everything that you can learn about your product and how it is sold online. This way, you will be able to direct your efforts into the most important opportunity areas of your business. As an example, Facebook might have been your first advertising option. After a thorough review of your market segment, however, it shows that most of your potential customers are easily reached through YouTube or Instagram. Therefore, instead of injecting more money into Facebook ads, you should invest it on the channel that is going to be more profitable for your specific type of business.

If you want to know more about strategies for internet marketing in Orange County, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we are waiting for an opportunity to amaze you.

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