Understanding Conversion Rate and other Metrics


As a very important part of the online marketing practice in Orange County and anywhere around the globe, the Conversion Rate is still one key indicator of the proficiency of your online marketing strategies.

At Twelve12, we’ve discussed in previous blogs about this topic, but just in case this term is new to you: the Conversion Rate refers mainly to the process where an individual makes an expected action on a website (or online platform). It doesn’t mean that the person must purchase something; it all depends on what the desired interaction was, e.g., collect emails, subscribe to a website, invite a friend, etc.

Some online companies tell their customers that the conversion rate is not a metric that is really important, and that you should focus on the average order value or the retention period, and some other metrics. And the only thing I can say to this as a professional marketer is “Why?”. Let me explain.

A business is just a place where some sort of transaction is performed without any regard for the customer experience. A good business is a place where customer satisfaction is important and the transactions end up bringing them back. A great business is where you can provide a great customer experience, where you add extra value to your offer, and where you aim to bring “fresh blood” to the company to make it grow. All the metrics are available for a reason and there are times where you need to focus on a certain part of a business.

The conversion rate is the metric to watch like a hawk if you are aiming to bring in more customers, to grow your customer database, to capture emails, etc. There’s absolutely no use for the company’s growth if the same client visits your website and subscribes with a different email address. On the other hand, if your aim is to keep that customer coming back and increase their individual order value, then the conversion rate is not that important.

At Twelve12, we encourage our clients to focus on customer service and the purchase experience so they can maintain the desired average client lifespan, but we also help businesses to get more customers in the process, because, you should be thinking about how to get more clients at all times. Ultimately, you will need to increase those numbers too.

To find out more about the online marketing metrics for Orange County companies or at any other location, give us a call today.

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