Understanding your brand’s value

The top Orange County branding team at Twelve12 would like to share with you some of the tools that you could use to identify if your brand requires some help through the development of the right branding strategies. This very useful tool works with a formula that takes into account the products or services, the characteristics that will aid the needs or problems of our customers, and explain how our products will produce results and benefits for our clients.

There is a tool developed by Alexander Osterwalder that is one of my marketing favorites of all time and it has many applications; one of them is branding. But we usually think about branding being associated with colorful logos, catchy phrases, or slick advertising. A brand goes far beyond that. A brand is also something that reflects the whole company, from its values to the products and services, including the logistics, and even your employees.

A good way of analyzing the brand’s value and verifying the best branding strategies for that brand is to truly understand why the whole company was created. A very common mistake is to embark on a quest for customers who would like your product instead of creating a product that will be relevant for a group of customers and fulfill a need or solve a problem. This doesn’t mean that you should do something completely different than what your original dream was, but if there’s a better option within the scope of your company’s goals, you should turn your head and focus your efforts onto developing a product or service that truly helps your clients.

You should be able to define how your products or services or, in some cases, your brand, will bring happiness to your clients and relief to their problems or fulfilment of their needs. And in doing so, understand the best way to present your company’s brand. And how does any of what I just explained relate to branding?

Well, the objective is to aid the relationship between your customers and your brand, turn it into something valuable, well known and desired, with a lasting cognitive impression that will emerge every time they have to fulfill the need or solve a problem for which your products and services offer a solution.

If you want to know more about the best way to use this tool for your advantage, give us a call today, at Twelve12, we’ll be very happy to answer all your questions with the help of our Orange County branding team.

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