Online Marketing in Orange County

Developing an online business plan is important, it is an exercise that often provides vital information about the internal and external variables that affect any business. Effectively mapping a business will help you develop strategies to communicate your business message and put your company on the map.

Your starting point should be the gathering of information. Some companies are so complex that they might require professional help. At Twelve12 we have expert teams that will take care of your online marketing needs in Orange County. The information that you need to gather must be specific, try to focus on the core elements of your business. Before you analyze the external variables like the competition, try to start with the internal components, the company’s values and vision, your long and short term goals, the products or services, the marketing mix, the message that you want to communicate and your identity. It is easier to develop a plan if you understand your company as a living thing with a personality of its own. You must be able to describe it as if it was your best friend. If the owner is not able to describe his own company, how is he going to communicate an effective message to the customers?

Online customers are in many ways more complex than regular customers. We need to define the type of customer that we are targeting. We need to develop two types of strategies from the beginning of our business plan. One for those that influence the others and one for those that follow and share the information.

At Twelve12 we know that one of the main differences between traditional and online marketing is the way that the advertising message is spread, online marketing has many channels and one of the most important is the social media channel. Most social media have limited space, so the message has to be effective and clever, companies can’t afford to make mistakes and this is why every advertising campaign has to be carefully developed and analyzed before posting it.

Before you decide to jeopardize your company’s online reputation, set an appointment with us, at Twelve12 we will take care of your online marketing in Orange County as if it was our own business.

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