Marketing Terminology – Breaking Through the Jargon

Marketing mix, marketing P’s, marketing C’s, promotion, advertising, consumer, target, CTR, CTA, cost, dynamic content, CRM, CSS, B2B, B2C… all of them are just a small part of marketing terminology and it can be very confusing if you haven’t heard them before, or maybe you have seen them and you don’t have any idea of what to use, or what is a good choice for your company.

Don’t panic. Take a deep breath: marketing terminology is just a list of words invented to make a more clear definition of our strategies as marketers, and it all comes down to the basics. If you make a product you want to sell it at a good price, and sell more than those that do the same as you. If you sell a product, you want people to look for your store and buy the goods from you and not the competitor across the street.

At Twelve12, we believe that our customers should be able to understand the basic elements for their internet marketing needs in Orange County and not just take a leap of faith and pray for a good result. And why do we want our customers to understand the basics? It’s simple, nobody knows your business better than you, and we know how to help you out. But you are the one that knows the opportunity areas that we should help with, and if you can’t point us to the main issues it will take more time and money to get where you want to be.

So, let’s review: in any business, there are components; the one that produces something, someone that sells and someone that buys. There can be several combinations, for example, if you make strawberry jam, but you don’t grow the strawberries and you also don’t sell it to the final consumer; as you can see, you have the person that grows the berries, the person that transforms the berries into jam and packs it, the distributor or seller, and finally the consumer that buys the jam. We can’t go through all the combinations, but you should be able to tell what type of business you have and how you are involved in the process.

Another important part is to understand how your product fulfills a need and the way the market (the buyer) responds to it; with these few elements we should be able to find the best marketing strategies for your company.

The online market is a fast and fun way to show your company to the world and increase your sales, and a great percentage of the population in the world goes online to buy and sell products and services, so don’t leave out this option.

Give us a call today were we wil not confuse you with marketing terminology. Find out more about internet marketing in Orange County and the options that Twelve12 have just for you in a way you understand..

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