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Do you understand online marketing terminology? Part of understanding how to use online marketing in your favor is to understand the terminology. Some of it comes right from any traditional marketing book, some of it was transformed into different words, but it is the same as what you can find in any good marketing book and some of it only belongs to the online world. At Twelve12, we reviewed the most relevant Online Marketing companies in Orange County and collated some of the most common terms that you might not understand, but that you should know.

  • Bs and Cs. You might have seen the letters B, C and G, combined with the number 2, this is not any type of strange slang. B stands for “business”, C stands for “Consumer” (or client) and G stands for “Government” and the number 2 stands for the word “to”.

Whenever you see the words, B2B, B2C, C2B, B2G in any sort of combination, what you are actually seeing is a reference to a business model and how they trade their goods. The most common are B2B (business to business) and B2C (business to consumer). In the first combination, think about a company that sells Iron and a company that fabricates Iron headboards and bed frames. The iron company sells the raw material to the furniture company. The second example (B2C) is what we all do when we buy something from a company, we are the consumers and the business is selling us something.

  • Blog. Is it a website, is it a POP? A bit of both; a blog is a chronological publication filled with topics usually related to your products or services, the objective of a company’s blog is not more advertising, the point is to build up a good relationship with customers and potential clients.
  • You may have heard another term, “content marketing”. This particular activity belongs with your blog; apart from building up a good relationship with consumers, it also helps you improve your website ranking on search engines – also known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Some other important terms that you might want to learn while you are at it include:

  • CTR this one stands for Click-through rate, which is a percentage of the average number of clicks on a given number of ad impressions.
  • CTA stands for Call To Action, this is the desired action that you want people to perform in any published material, a social media post, an ad, your website, etc.
  • CPA stands for Cost Per Action, if you pay someone to let’s say increase your customer database, you pay only if the people registered with an email, phone number, etc.
  • CPC stands for Cost per Click and it is a form of online advertising; you only pay for the ad if the people that were reached actively click on the ad.

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