Avail online media without spending a lot of money


How should a company determine the type of media that is the most appropriate option for them? Traditional T.V. ads are becoming somewhat obsolete in this modern digital world; cable and satellite T.V. are in a similar situation. With the streaming services available, TV ads are something that customers are just not willing to watch, especially if they are the ones paying for the service.

The options for advertising may seem to be narrowing, but they are also easier to focus on the desired target – and that makes it highly efficient. Media companies in Orange County have a broad menu of possibilities that will work for your particular needs and, at Twelve12, we want to share with you some of the most popular options at this moment.

The current market conditions are driving most companies to rely much more on digital media; moreover, it is the best option for small companies that can’t spend a large amount of money on big marketing campaigns. For some businesses, it may be better (particularly if you have a very small business) to rely on personalized, targeted advertising rather than a huge, expensive marketing campaign.

What do we mean by personalized advertising?  Find your target audience and, instead of waiting to see if they come to you or become interested in your ads at some point, you should try to engage consumers and establish a relationship. This is easier to do through social media, where you can develop an on-brand persona for your company and interact directly with potential customers.

Being creative is a fantastic way of saving money. You can try so many options: online contests, giveaways, events, exhibitions – it all depends on the type of business that you are running. If you are thinking that this only works for makeup companies or supermarkets, think again!

You need to think outside of the box and use your clients as your source of inspiration. If you sell equipment, find out about the problems or interests that are related to the products that you sell, and look for experts who are willing to give a master class. If you have no products and you sell services, think about topics related to your service and work with that. In the end, what you need to look for are ways to engage with your potential customers and keep your current clients happy.

If you want to know more about the type of media that would work for your business, give us a call today. Twelve12 offers an array of options for you – we are one of the very best media companies in Orange County.

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