What you need to know about online marketing strategies

Marketing strategies for your online business is not the same as undertaking traditional marketing. In a way, it still has the same components, but it is somewhat different. Since you are not just competing locally, you are usually marketing at a national level and sometimes even globally. But it doesn’t end there; the customer segment is not going to be the same as for a bricks and mortar business alone, and you will not be able to reach consumers in the same way that you are used to doing.

If you are feeling confused, don’t worry! At Twelve12, we have prepared a shortlist of steps that you should cover to help you with the basics of online marketing in Orange County – or anywhere else globally.

A website is one of the main tools to generate organic traffic, which means that people who are searching for the type of products and services that you sell will be able to find you. Be aware that you need to work on your SEO strategy as well so you get to the top 10 results, otherwise you are pretty much invisible for this type of search.

Objectives: if you had ever searched for online marketing, you have probably found that there is a considerable number of alternatives. You don’t have to do them all, or at the very least, you don’t have to do them all at the same time. Write down your goals and identify long, medium, and short-term goals, and then work on your main objectives, plan accordingly, and find the right tool for you.

Message: you need to decide the type of message that you want to deliver to your customers. Ambiguous messages won’t get you anywhere, pretty pictures will not generate sales on their own, and you need to be clear and decide what you want to tell your customers and how you will do it.

Plan and budget: make an online marketing plan with all the information that you have gathered and assign a realistic budget. Commit to doing whatever it takes to reach your goals. Set up the controls and adjust your plan as you see fit.

These are just the barest basics! To find out more about online marketing strategies in Orange County, give us a call today, and at Twelve12 we will help you find and implement your best marketing options for success.

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